What I love: crowds, chaos, and children. This is probably because I grew up as one of seven kids. Now I have a hunk of a husband, and together we have two children of our own, and 20 nieces and nephews.

I bought my first professional camera about 10 years ago and haven’t stopped clicking. I am passionate about capturing memories and special moments. As I see it, I tell stories to future generations in your family so they are not forgotten and that’s what I love most about photography. I can’t help but capture the real moments. Not just the moments where you’re smiling and posing, but also the spontaneous moments that truly reflect your life. I capture the giggles, the happy cries, the simple expressions. I capture the messy hair, dirty faces and bruised knees. I capture the first kiss at a wedding, the zeal and other details that tell your story. This is what holds still real memories to make you laugh, cry and reflect.

More of what I love: yoga, organic veggies, mocha chip ice cream, sleep and coffee. I’m also a pretty good power walker, which comes in handy on a shoot. 🙂

Pictures are a gift to future generations. They are a treasure. They tell your story.